I’m claiming another title for Scone: Current Contemporary Coffee Capital of Country (CCCC of C).

I just counted at least fifteen (15) outlets for coffee sales in the township. Does that make us the latte lot as well? Not all of them are up market cafes. One is an innovative mobile service providing on-site delivery to business houses and professional practices. Two are combined with pubs.  There have been accusations in the past of the ‘Chardonnay Sipping Set’. I think I’ve seen a lot more evidence of conspicuous consumption of the predominantly plebeian pale amber fluid manufactured from crops rather than grapes. There possibly prevails a subliminal resistance in the urban township to downtrodden fruit?

It seems at last that coffee establishments outnumber those with licences for the sale and supply of alcohol. Come to think of it it’s just about a dead heat when you add up the Bottle Shops as well. These are usually independent franchises and two aligned with the major supermarkets. They used to be part of the pub scene but this has almost been eliminated. Even the licensed clubs appear to have been banished as suppliers of ‘carry out’. The price competition and sale of specials seem to have won the battle if not the war for the major supply chains.

I’ve written elsewhere about our camarilla of senior country males who meet on a designated regular basis. Wednesday WASPS, Midweek Brotherhood and Wednesday Wombats have all been floated as appropriate sobriquets. A similar scene exists with the cadres of dowager-equivalent female gender. The Susan Street Sorority (‘The Sisterhood’) has a regulation date on a Saturday morning. The distaff coterie of the Wednesday Brotherhood have also struck a resilient blow; but at a different location and identical time frame.

A few short years ago there was a makeover in Denman; gourmet French cafes in the main drag. Local farmer Ted Hewitt laconically remarked: “The good ol’ boys are drinking latte in Ogilvie Street”! If it can happen in Denman NSW it can happen anywhere! Long live the good ship CCCC of C and all who sip in her! What about the scones?

The following tribute was submitted by Rick Wright who also wrote ‘What About Winx’:

SCG (Scone Coffee Group)

We meet every week at the end of the street and sip at our coffee and tea,

There isn’t a sub for this fine coffee club and the conversation is free,

The girls know us well with that fine coffee smell/ enough to bring tears to the eyes

And I shouldn’t mention we’ll soon be on pensions but we are all brilliant and wise.

We talk about horses and cows stuck in bogs, koalas, goannas and favourite dogs.

Wannabees, Wallabies, all the best studs, jackaroos, jillaroos, thoroughbred blood

Why bees aren’t swarming, the globe that is warming,

Reasons for seasons with drought fire and flood.

The vets and the doctors and businessmen too don’t talk of religion and money’s taboo.

Cattle ticks, politics, Commonwealth games, most of us just can’t remember some names

Charming old farmers who chat up the staff between telling jokes for a bit of a laugh

Capers in papers all round the world; crickets and wickets and scandals unfurled.

Gunnas and doers, plodders and dags, stopping for shopping with no plastic bags.

We’re now at the age and up to the stage when some could be soon underground,

But I’m telling you, it’s a God awful view so keep yourself hopping around.

Take all your chances to love and do dances, no luxury like shedding tears

It’s now Christmas time so stay out of crime and do have a prosperous year.   RBW