Dr Mark A Schembri

Dr Mark A Schembri:  BSc (Vet) Hons (I) BVSc Hons (Syd.) MACVS MRCVS MPH (Harvard)

Featured Image: Dr Mark Schembri at Harvard

Sometimes I push the boundaries; and make claims where I might be a bit elastic with the truth? I have written elsewhere about Scone Veterinary Protégés. The association has sometimes been tenuous with the one common factor being me. I’m making similar claims with this tribute to a rising, rising star who I first met at the RAS of NSW RES 1997; the last Easter Show at the old Moore Park site. I was a new Councillor and Mark a brand new undergraduate veterinary panel volunteer. I’ve acted as mentor and referee; most notably for Mark to receive the General Sir John Monash Award Scholarship in 2009. He’s now on the selection panel himself. This is his story in a nutshell.

His list of achievements is astounding to say the least. It’s far easier to provide the following links because it’s just about impossible to write about him without making it a very long list indeed.





The Sub-Warden lives on-site and is responsible for discipline, pastoral care and assisting the Warden.

Dr Mark Schembri was appointed in July 2012. He is a graduate from The University of Sydney with Honours degrees in Science and in Veterinary Science, and also of Harvard University with a Master in Public Health.

Mark has a distinguished record as an equine veterinarian where he also serves as a member of the Australian College of Veterinary Surgeons in Theriogenology. In 2001 he received First Prize for Equine Medicine in the University’s Faculty of Veterinary Science. In 2007 he was elected the youngest-ever councillor of the Royal Agricultural Society and presently serves as chairman of its Veterinary Committee. In 2008 he was appointed to help with the Australian Equine Olympic team for the Beijing Games. In 2000 he was coordinator of the Student Team for the Equestrian Events at the Olympic Games Sydney. For twelve years he was the Veterinary Surgeon Director of Theriogenology at the Agnes Banks Equine Clinic in Sydney. He is presently a veterinarian for the Australian Turf Club and he loves working at the beloved Randwick racecourse. He was a Crown Prince of Dubai scholar in 2001, completing his scholarship at the Dubai Equine Clinic. He was the Australian Equine Veterinary Association scholar in 2004 when he completed sabbatical study at Texas A&M University.

In 2009 he was awarded the General John Monash Scholarship for study in the United States and spent two years at Harvard. His two research projects in the Harvard School of Public Health involved the creation of an educational model to guide epidemiologists and medical professionals on infectious disease modelling to predict outbreak progression and developing a computer-based interaction case study to simulate real life infectious disease outbreaks. At Harvard he lived at Kirkland House, where he was academic and music tutor. He also rowed for Dudley House, and he was veterinarian to the Harvard horse polo team.

He was a championship debater at school and University. He is also a keen musician (clarinet and trumpet) and he was Musical Conductor and Director of the Sydney World Youth Day Orchestra, in which he continues to organise annual Christmas carols and community musical events. In 2001, he presented the World Youth Day Sydney bid to Pope John Paul II on behalf of the youth organising committee. He has also been vice-captain of the Maroubra Surf Life Saving Club Patrol. He has served as a race announcer and commenter at the Surf Life Saving Australian Championships.He is a keen lecturer/tutor in Veterinary Science, Chemistry, pre-medical subjects, and Mathematics, and has taught at the secondary and tertiary levels. In 2011, he was recognised as Educator Partner of the Year by the Veterinary Faculty at the University of Sydney for his teaching.

Mark provides advice on international studies and scholarship applications, and is currently serving on the national selection panel for the General Sir John Monash Scholarship.

Mark lives with his wife Sarah and two year old daughter Abigail in the eastern Denison apartment.

Having achieved just about everything in Veterinary Medicine Mark has just graduated in Medicine and has embarked on a second career in human health at RPA. There’ll be no stopping him I believe.

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