Perfect Polo III

Perfect Polo III

The first game ‘The 80 Goal Challenge’ was between two perfectly matched teams of 40 goals each

Featured Image: ‘La Espadana’

Both teams featured the same combination of 3 Argentinians and 1 Mexican player. The two Mexican brothers faced one another on opposite sides. The three illustrious younger Heguy brothers were featured in ‘The Rest of the World’ side. There was much good natured banter and some speculation concerning the certainty of the absolute genotype of the youngest Heguy brother Eduardo. I think even KP himself weighed in?

I have to confess I do not remember the result; but it was close.


Carlos Gracida                   Mexican               10 Goals               30 Years Old       Number 1

Alfonso Pieres                   Argentinian        10 Goals               37 Years Old       Number 2

Gonzalo Pieres (C)           Argentinian        10 Goals               36 Years Old       Number 3

Ernesto Trotz                     Argentinian        10 Goals               34 Years Old       Number 4

40 Goals