Yesteryear I “The Stockowner’s Guide”

“The Stockowner’s Guide”

It is probably fair to claim that this was the ‘bible’ for farmers and stockowners 100 years ago?


For the purposes of this series ‘Yesteryear’ will be defined as ‘about 100 years ago’.

The phenomenal success of that attended the issue of the first edition of “The Stockowner’s Guide” has induced the publishers to prepare a second edition. The first edition passed through the ordeal of criticism, and it is satisfactory to note that the comments made upon the work have been very complimentary.

Since the issue of the first edition the publishers have received some suggestions of good practical value from various countries, and this edition here presented embodies a carefully-chosen selection of them. One or two features of the first edition have been deleted, and a great many up-to-date ideas and much new practical information have been added. Among the notable additions are the chapters on useful hints on a great variety of subjects with which the man on the land is daily concerned. There are also several chapters giving homely remedies and treatment for common diseases affecting sheep, cattle, and horses, and as all these, in common with the rest of the information in this work, come from practical sources, they should be of great value to stockowners.

As explained in the first edition of “The Stockowner’s Guide,” the information has been culled from the pages of the world’s greatest farming and livestock journal, “The Pastoral Review”.” Every issue of that journal contains practical information of the nature supplied in these pages, and rather than let it remain out of sight in back numbers, it has been taken out, carefully edited, and brought up-to-date, and presented in the form of this work.


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