History of the Australian Stud Book

History of the Australian Stud Book

Featured Image: The Australian Stud Book History 2006 by Michael Ford Keeper June 2006

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John Digby

I am indebted to my good friend Michael Ford for this ‘inspiration’? I was motivated to seek some information about the ‘exponential’ increase in thoroughbred broodmare numbers from the mid-1960s to the late ‘crazy 80s’. I found it in Michael’s excellent treatise on the subject. No longer being a contributor to the ASB I found myself ‘locked out’ from this database. I could be my ineptitude with modern technology? My spouse says it’s innate!

Remarkably I find that I knew and/or know 50% of the eight (8) Keepers of the Australian Stud Book! Longevity and pernicious persistence do come with reward!

HTBA Yearling Sale 40 Years On

HTBA Yearling Sale 40 Years On

Featured Image: Front cover of the catalogue for the HTBA Scone Yearling Sale 12 May 2019

I could start with yet another hoary old cliché; but I won’t! I decided for no good reason to compare the HTBA promoted yearling sales after 40 years of ‘progress’. I have written about the First Annual Scone Yearling Sale before and elsewhere.






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