Beijing Junxing Breeding Farm

The Beijing Junxing Breeding Farm is located in the vast urban periphery of this massive metropolis of some 20 million people. It included a domestic breeding farm and ancillary training centre both appearing to be ‘residual’ military facilities ‘inherited’ by the present incumbent Mr. Lu who is a four star major in the Chinese army. The horses were of mixed domestic breed and quality with some recent thoroughbred importations aimed at improving the overall genotype. There were some ‘thoroughbreds’ from Japan and Russia. We were royally entertained by the ‘Major’ and his dutifully obedient acolytes to the first of many traditional bountiful banquets! A military bus was generously provided for our cross city transport with Major Lu in the vanguard in his late model 4-wheel drive with his hand constantly on the warning klaxon! In China it is still advisable for the inscrutable locals to make way for the military! There were many near misses but no collisions!