Dr Peter Rossdale has passed away

Dr Peter Rossdale OBE, MA, PhD, Drmedvet(hcBerne), DVMS(hc Edinburgh), DVSc(hc Sydney), FACVSc, DESM, FRCVS

Dr Peter Rossdale visited Scone with spouse Jill when on one of his man Australian visits at the behest of the University of Sydney Post Graduate Foundation in Veterinary Science and the Australian Equine Veterinary Association. He very kindly told me Scone was the only place on the globe other than Newmarket UK that he would like to have been in Equine Veterinary Practice? Maybe he was being polite?  Jill Rossdale bred an outstanding international racehorse by the winner of the 1977 Blue Diamond Stakes  ‘Blazing Saddles’ (Todman/Lady Simone by Wilkes; bred by Jim Fleming @ Stone Lodge, Segenhoe). I think ‘Blazing Saddles was one of the first Australian-bred stallions to ‘shuttle’ to the UK? Jill’s horse might have been ‘Mr Brooks (GB)’ [Blazing Saddles ex Double Finesse GB by Double Jump GB] who raced in both Europe and the USA where he met his fate on the racetrack; possibly in Florida? Peter and Jill also had a son who spent time @ Bob Watson’s ‘Roseneath Stud’, Cobbitty on a ‘gap year’ at the behest of ex-AEVA Treasurer and Keeneland USA representative Professor Rex Butterfield.

Dr Peter Rossdale has passed away

Dear EVA Past Presidents,

You will be sad to learn that Dr Peter Rossdale OBE, MA, PhD, Drmedvet(hcBerne), DVMS(hc Edinburgh), DVSc(hc Sydney), FACVSc, DESM, FRCVS, has passed away. Dr Rossdale was in his 90s. From the Team Page at Rossdales


Peter D. Rossdale

OBE, MA, PhD, Drmedvet(hcBerne), DVMS(hc Edinburgh), DVSc(hc Sydney), FACVSc, DESM, FRCVS

Dr Peter Rossdale was awarded a degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University in 1948. He then graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 1952. He entered general practice in Rye, Sussex; and subsequently served in equine practice from 1954, setting up his own practice in Newmarket in 1959. In the following years he was joined by other pioneering veterinary surgeons and together formed the foundations of Rossdale & Partners, now world-renowned as Rossdales LLP, the largest equine practice in the UK and Europe. Dr Rossdale retired from the Practice in 2004.

He obtained an FRCVS by thesis in 1967 and, in 1985, a PhD from Cambridge University on the basis of published papers in the peer reviewed literature. He has received Honorary Doctorates from the Universities of Berne, Edinburgh and Sydney.

Dr Rossdale served for various periods on the scientific advisory boards of the Wellcome Trust, the Horserace Betting Levy Board and the Animal Health Trust; and was editor of Equine Veterinary Journal from 1980 to 2010 and editor-in-chief of Equine Veterinary Education for the first 20 years of its publication from 1986.



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EVA has today sent the following condolences note to our friends at BEVA.

Best wishes, Jeffrey


Dear BEVA Friends,

On behalf of the President, Executive and the Membership of Equine Veterinarians Australia, please accept our sincere condolences on the passing of our esteemed friend and colleague, Dr Peter Rossdale.

The great man leaves a positive legacy that will be everlasting. With leadership in equine veterinary science, that influenced the profession throughout the world.

His knowledge and skill will live on, through the generations of equine veterinarians that he inspired and influenced.

If you would us to share his obituary, we will gladly include this in the next EVA newsletter, scheduled for Friday week, 10 December. We extend our prayers of sympathy to all at BEVA.

With love and best wishes in this sad time,


Jeffrey Wilkinson  BSc(Oen) MBA SSc
Executive Officer – Equine Veterinarians Australia
National Manager – Special Interest Groups

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