“From Out of the Mists”


Scone Hospital Centenary 1834 – 1934 Arthur Smith Memorial “Back to Scone Week”

7 – 8 – 9 – 10th March 1934 Official Souvenir ….. 2/6

“From Out of the Mists”

First Hospital Meeting Held at ‘The Court House’, Redbank, on 6th April, 1833

Actual Minutes

“At the meeting held this day, it is proposed (first), ‘That Mr Bingle, in conjunction with Mr Little, Mr Dumaresq, and Mr Thompson, be requested to undertake the superintendence of the erection of the building proposed for Hospital purposes, and that they be empowered to collect subscriptions and engage with suitable mechanics to split and put up the building; and for this purpose that tenders be called for form persons willing to undertake the work according to the proposed plan, specifying the rime in which they will engage to have the building finished.’ Second, ‘That subscribers be requested as early as possible to notify to Mr Bingle in what way they can most conveniently furnish their quota of labour, materials, or cash, specifying the time.’”

The next record, bearing the date of 18th of December, 1833 is in the form of a progress statement of accounts. Significant donors were Mr William Dumaresq, Mr Bingle and Mr Thompson.

Subscriptions listed for 27th April 1834 include varying donations in cash or kind from Mr Geo. Bowman (cash), Colonel Dumaresq (cash), Wm. Dumaresq (cash), Esq, Peter Macintyre (cash and kind), Donald Macintyre (kind), Mr Hall (cash), Mr Coxen (labour), Mr Warland (cash), Mr Little (cash and kind), Mr Forsyth (cash), Mr Bingle (cash), Mr Thompson (cash), Mr Dangar (cash), Mr Cox and Mr McCarthy; Government Donation £50 0s 0d. Government House, Parramatta, 24/5/1833: ‘To the Subscribers of a Proposed Hospital in the District of the Upper Hunter’; M. Bourke, Private Secretary’.

Total donations = £131 0s 0d