Leading Sires of Australia

Leading Sires of Australia

1883 – Present

Compiled by Anne Peters; Updated by Hilda Marshall, Patricia Erigero

See: http://www.tbheritage.com/HistoricSires/LeadingSires/AustLeadSires.html

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leading_sire_in_Australia

Featured Image: ‘Chester’; Champion Sire 4 times: 1887/1888; 1889/1890; 1891/1892 and 1892/1893

Influence of the Hunter Valley

It can be seen from the championship ‘league tables’ from 1883/84 to the present day 2018/19* that the leading sire has been based on 76 occasions (out of a total 136*) on studs located in the Upper Hunter Valley. This is a remarkable period of ‘dominance’ which has been consolidated even further in more recent times (21 out of 21 since 1999/2020)..