Major Issues Upper Hunter Development

I used to wax eloquent about what I thought were major issues. I may have deluded myself? I put together the following about 15 years ago. In the interim I served one term on the Upper Hunter Shire Council 2008 – 2012. I did delude myself. I’ll post this now and then see what else happens; if anything?

Major Issues Upper Hunter [Scone] Development 2004* – 2025*

Encouragement! Enlargement! Enrichment! Enhancement! Embellishment! Enlightenment!

  1. Tourist Destination – Upper Hunter promoted as ‘elite’ national/international tourist destination with appropriate infrastructure emphasizing our unique features and heritage including the ‘backpacker trail’
  2. Road and Rail Infrastructure specifically to accommodate expected major increase in ‘heavy vehicle’ and ‘coal train’ loads as well as small vehicle traffic especially the NEH/Kelly Street and railway line through Scone
  3. Development of Kelly Street precinct as ‘consumer friendly environment’ with special ambience for the safe conduct of trade, commerce and social interaction with minimal vehicular impact
  4. Concomitant co-development strategies to maximize opportunities and minimize the impact of mining industry expansion in the Upper Hunter and to our north
  5. Water resource management and water augmentation schemes as a major priority for all water users with a fair and equitable distribution of water rights
  6. Environmentally acceptable and strictly controlled expansion of local [employment enhancing] industries such as the abattoir and equivalent
  7. Controlled expansion of residential and commercial space* [* in progress]
  8. Create ‘Country/Town Society’ capable of retaining/returning intellectually elite ‘cadre’ to the town and district on a permanent [family] basis
  9. Health Care in general and focus especially for a full range of Aged Care options and Hospital accommodation [Strathearn Village]
  10. Education opportunities for families especially in the secondary school and tertiary sectors
  11. Cultural enrichment in general
  12. Development of Scone Equine Centre to world’s best standard international prominence
  13. Focus on enhancement of Scone’s role as ‘Home of the Horse’
  14. Improvement in ‘Law and Order’ in the community
  15. Public Transport – re-establish cost effective and user friendly air service

[WPH 30/06/04]