Max’s Bad Call

Max’s Bad Call


Featured Image: Richie Benaud

Legend: former Australian captain Richie Benaud wasn’t a patch on Paddington’s Ray Flockton … or so Max Presnell

Max writes:

“As a copy boy at Elizabeth Street to travel in the same lift as Keith Miller, the cricket hero who worked in the building, made my day. Some felt a young bloke employed in the counting house upstairs – Richie Benaud – was going to be good but showing my renowned judgment on all things sporting I felt Ray Flockton, from Paddington, had more promise.”

Need I say more? Remember Max is a punter! I’ve seen Max at a few well lubricated functions but I still haven’t been game to ask him what happened to Ray Flockton?

Richie’s brother John Benaud also worked at John Fairfax:

“Sporting editor John Benaud, brother of Richie and later the last editor of The Sun, coming back from a news conference kicking an iron bin when he didn’t get his way, is a lasting memory of more than 60 years with John Fairfax.

Ironic perhaps because Benaud, one of the outstanding newspapermen of my time, campaigned to get cricketers on the field in softer shoes and how his toes survived the bins is beyond me.”