Orient Lucky City

Featured Image: The ASHS Aussie contingent took the stage to demonstrate ‘Whip Cracking’ for the bemused locals.

The Orient Lucky City premises are dominated by the six-storey grand stand and deep sand all weather running track. Horse related activities included trick riding, show jumping, racing, a local variety of polo and various other horse sports. The same ‘eclectic’ mix of horses appeared to be used for most activities with the exception of show jumping. Teams form 12 Chinese Provinces including Hong Kong were present to compete for national supremacy in this discipline.

Competitors [and horses] rated from sublime to less so! The Aussie contingent mounted challenges in Polo Cross and ‘Polo’ much to the delight of the local patrons. The former was a demonstration match and the latter ‘International’ ended in an honourable 1 – 1 draw with ability to ‘dig’ the large polo ball from the deep sand on the race track a paramount skill! The finale for our delegation was to be present on stage with Mr. Jacky Wu and the full Orient Lucky City contingent for a wide range of entertainment and spectacular demonstrations including scantily clad fish-net stocking dancing girls, party games and singing as well as an ‘incidental’ horse race incorporating local ownership. One of our entourage was ‘selected’ by pass-the-parcel to deliver a rendition of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ much to bemusement of the local fraternity! Racing in China certainly is different! The Aussie delegation mounted an impressive display of ‘whip cracking’ following which a tall imperious female delegate dazzling in Akubra and boots presented a home made trophy to Mr. Wu. We trust he did not misinterpret the signal as indicative of a subtle invitation to some bizarre sado-masochistic ritual?