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Memoir Chapter XIII

See: https://sconevetdynasty.com.au/pdf/Memoir/Chapter%20XIII.pdf

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David Koch and the ‘Sunrise’ Team at the Channel Seven Studio in Martin Place We passed the Channel 7 Sunrise Studio in Martin Place. It was 9:30am and the morning show was just closing. There was instant recognition and the Borroloola Mob just piled into the studio. David Koch and the team were intrigued. To their great credit the Borroloola Mob were welcomed with open arms. The photo opportunity was too good to miss!

This is a Chapter from my ‘Memoir’. I thought I’d try to place it on my ‘blog’ as a separate entity. It might not be a good idea, however. I’m currently feeling much more like a polymer (‘combination of a number of identical molecules from a simpler substance’) than a polymath (‘man of varied learning, great scholar’). These two virtual antonyms appear in immediate alphabetic sequence in Oxford ‘The Australian Pocket Dictionary’! It’s well worth a try.

Borroloola Mob @ Sunrise One of my most unusual assignments was delegated by my daughter Kirsty. Kirsty was Legal Advisor to the Northern Land Council in Darwin. Part of her ambit included the Borroloola Community from the Southwestern shore of the Gulf of Carpentaria. It is about 1000km by road from Darwin; the last 700 of it is dirt. Kirsty was directing a Land Claims Appeal through the Supreme Court in Phillip Street. My role was to accompany the ‘mob’ from the Menzies Hotel in downtown Sydney to the Supreme Court. Kirsty had to be there earlier to prepare. It was a most interesting journey! We had socialised the night before, so we knew one another. My mate Dave Hardy is in the two-tone horizontal striped jumper and blue baseball cap on the left of the picture. Dave was an Elder of the tribe but had been ‘in trouble’ before. He was a most intriguing character.