Sir John Robertson KCMG


Scone Hospital Centenary 1834 – 1934 Arthur Smith Memorial “Back to Scone Week”

7 – 8 – 9 – 10th March 1934 Official Souvenir ….. 2/6

Visionary politician and civic leader Sir John Robertson and his family resided at ‘Yarrandi’. The Coxen brothers set  up there previously and hosted a visit by their sister and brother-in-law ‘The Birdman’ John Gould. Very much later (1966) Crown Prince Charles played Polo there as a guest of the Scone Polo Club.

The Masonic Group was fundamental in early settlement. It appeared to present a platform for erudite professionals such as J A K Shaw (Solicitor) and Dr H J H Scott (Doctor)?

Dr John Goodwin served as ‘medico’ at the original Redbank Hospital.