Kashgar Horse Markets

Kashgar Horse & Livestock Markets



Photos courtesy of Sarah Howey


The famous livestock market just outside of China’s westernmost city has met every Sunday for thousands of years. A crucial hub on the Silk Road, Kashgar has served as an oasis and trading post between China, the Middle East and Europe for ages. Bazaar is Uighur language meaning market and trade place. The traditional bazaar was originally held on Sundays but is currently divided into two sections. One is for livestock from the district open only on Sundays .The bazaar is open every day of the week for handicrafts, clothes, and food but it’s on Sundays that things really heat up. That’s when local farmers mostly of Uighur descent gather to buy and sell livestock including sheep, goats, camels and horses. At present there are more than 20 large scale bazaars in Kashgar of which the one located at the East Gate of Kashgar City is the largest. This bazaar also named ‘International Trade Market of Central and Western Asia’ is the largest international trade market in Northwest China enjoying the fame ‘Material Fair of Central Asia’.

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