John Reginald George Morgan

John Reginald George Morgan MRCVS

Think ‘Siegfried Farnon’ in ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. That’s JRGM!

See: All Creatures Great and Small (2020 TV series) – Wikipedia

Tristan Farnon? Who? Me?

Just remember Bill: “You win more with honey than with vinegar”. Maybe I should have ‘listened up’?

Featured Image: JRGM MFH of the Scone Hunt. This was John’s dreamworld scenario and one from which he never resiled. He liked the idea of MFH (Master of Foxhounds) rather than the more prosaic, and No. 2 in the pecking-order hierarchy, ‘Whipper-In’. His close friend David Smith (UK) astounded and astonished a group of Scone trainers at White Park one morning  when he turned up with John dispensing a loud rendition of ‘D’Ye Ken John Peel’ on the hunting horn!

Retrospective ‘Rumination’ Perspectives

“From where did you acquire this taste for luxury that life should be fair”?

“Life is a risk. If you do nothing, it’s a risk. If you do anything it’s a risk.

Life is a risk”. (Sir Humphrey Appleby ‘Yes Minister’)

There is little doubt that following Murray Bain the most influential veterinarian to practice in Scone has been John Reginald George Morgan (JRGM). Not a great deal has been written about him, but John offers the following pearls of wisdom laced with “just a little bit of (characteristic) latitude”. This is the quintessential Morgan rather than the ‘mad dog’ variety! Bill Stewart, Sue McCubbery and Jamie Barnes did concoct an aphorism relating to ‘Morganization’ and being ‘Morganized’. I have always speculated cognitively on the real meaning of this epithet. John explains it as the result of failing to follow detailed instructions and experiencing difficulties as a result!

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Jane Axon

Jane Axon

Featured Image: Jane Axon at work in Scone. Courtesy of Scone Equine Group.

Author’s Note: Dr Karon Hoffmann convinced us at Scone we must have a Foal Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. “You need me to run it” she instructed. Professor Anne Koterba of Florida USA had spread the gospel @ Bain-Fallon. We established the Unit and called it ‘Clovelly Stables’. Karon was outstanding and was replaced by Jane in 1999. Jane was exceptional and set the standard for what followed.

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Jeffrey Wilkinson (EVA Jeffrey Wilkinson, BSc (Oen) MBA SSc | National Manager – Special Interest Groups) writes Saturday 24th. February 2024:

Dear EVA Executive and EVA Past Presidents,

It is with enormous sadness that I inform you that our dearly loved friend and colleague, Dr Jane Axon passed away last night.

The Scone Equine Hospital has written the following tribute and I share it with you. I also add that in 2020, Jane was the recipient of AVA’s highest recognition, The Gilruth Prize. This is the highest honour awarded each year by the AVA and represents peer recognition for many years – often a lifetime – of dedication and service of the highest degree. We have lost one of the greats. Just so sad.

With love and best wishes,


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Racehorse Aftercare at 40th Asian Racing Conference

Racehorse Aftercare at 40th Asian Racing Conference

Featured Image: International Forum for the Aftercare of Racehorses

See: Eighth International Forum for the Aftercare of Racehorses will be held as part of 2024 Asian Racing Conference – IFAR (

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The International Forum for the Aftercare of Racehorses (IFAR) is an independent forum established to advocate for the lifetime care of retired racehorses, to increase awareness within the international racing community of this important responsibility and to increase awareness in the sport horse world regarding the versatility of the thoroughbred horse.

IFAR provides leadership, support and expert advice on a range of aftercare issues, and facilitates a forum for jurisdictions to relate their experiences and to share best practice.

Promoting equine welfare before, during and after a horse’s racing career is vital in ensuring the public’s confidence in the sport is maintained and is integral to the future health of horseracing 

– Jim Gagliano, The Jockey Club

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Fast Track Applications Open

Fast Track Applications Open


Posted by: Bernard Kenny at 9:31am on 15/2/2024

Posted in: Industry News

Applications are open for the Thoroughbred Breeders Australia flagship ‘Fash Track’ program that sees some 90% of trainees now with thoroughbred careers.

“Walking around the Magic Millions sales a few weeks ago it was great to see so many of our past trainees working for farms,” said Tom Reilly, the TBA Chief Executive.

“A number of those had no horse experience before starting on the program, and those who may not have found their way into the industry otherwise.”

“Fast Track offers anyone with a passion for horses the opportunity to begin a career with thoroughbreds, regardless of their background or level of hands-on experience.”

Now in its seventh year, the program has proved a successful pathway with a great of those trainees continuing to work in the industry after completing the course.

The 12-month course targets people from outside breeding and racing and introducing them to Australia’s thoroughbred sector in providing them with foundational skills.

Developed in response to industry staffing shortages, it acknowledges those who need to build successful careers with a nationally recognised formal qualification.

Open to 18 years and over, the successful applicants have a full-time paid traineeship with a stud farm while studying Certificate III in Horse Breeding, and ideal for a career change.

To complement on-the-job learning, students attend two intensive learning blocks in Scone of six weeks in total where they receive a mix of practical training and classroom theory.

In addition, trainees will take part in a variety of field trips and personal development workshops in giving future employers insight to what the Fast Track program will bring them.

TBA’s education and projects manager Madison Tims is eager to see the program continue to grow and is calling for anyone interested in taking on a trainee this year to get in touch.

“It was really exciting to have our first ever trainees based in Western Australia and Tasmania last year and to keep the numbers on the course and have farms mentoring people.”

“Employers around the country have embraced the program with the 2023 intake of 18 trainees placed in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania.”

“The experience of taking on a trainee has been rewarding and beneficial to our team,” said Bhima Thoroughbreds’ Kate Fleming, “and encouraging young people into our industry.”

“Without Fast Track finding, training and bringing young staff into the industry would be much more difficult, and it’s a great way for the young people to get a taste of the industry.”

“I’d absolutely encourage farms to get involved in the program, as it’s a great way to gain fresh new staff with the added bonus of you helping to grow and strengthen our industry.”

World Air Speed Record Reconnects with Scone

World Air Speed Record Reconnects with Scone

Featured Image: Group Captain Hugh Joseph Wilson and Eric Stanley Greenwood

See: World Speed Record | This Day in Aviation

See: Air Speed Record set at Reculver, 7th November 1945 – History of Manston Airfield (

I always knew my great friend and professional colleague Richard Greenwood was closely allied with flying aircraft and very passionate about all things aerial. He holds a licence himself and has also built his own aeroplane from a ‘kit package’ purchased online. Richard and delightful spouse Sue now live in Newmarket UK where Richard has pursued a stellar career in equine veterinary medicine.

Richard and I met when we arrived as ‘Ten Pound Poms’ in 1967 joining the practice of Murray Bain as assistants. I stayed and Richard eventually relocated back to the UK.


Richard and Sue’s eldest son now resides on the Gold Coast which brings them back regularly to Australia. They almost always fit in a visit to Scone and stay with Sarah and I @ ‘Geraldton’. On Sunday 4th. February 2024 Richard made a pilgrimage to the Hunter War Birds Memorial Museum at Satur. He was met by a local enthusiast who could barely believe the story of his father’s extraordinary life! If you follow the dialogue and links above, you will understand why. Richard was most impressed with the ‘War Birds’ display and was cognisant of the relocation of the WWII ‘Battle of Britain’ Hurricane to the UK.

Scone Equine Group

The highlight of the Greenwood’s visit was a conducted tour of the inchoate Scone Equine Hospital on Friday 2nd. February 2024 escorted by Dr Catherine Chicken.

See: Equine Veterinary Services NSW: Scone Equine Hospital

By remarkable coincidence Richard and Sue Greenwood lived ‘onsite’ at ‘Tarrangower’ in 1967/1968. They occupied the farm cottage on Ted Brooks’ dairy farm. The author (WPH) and spouse Sarah spent their honeymoon night in the Tarrangower Homestead when just married (26/04/1975). It was to be their home for twelve months. The latter event ‘sewed the seed’ when Tarrangower later became the site for the ‘new’ Scone Racetrack and HVERC/HVRF brought to fruition in 1994.