Scone School of Arts

The Scone School of Arts in Kingdon Street as it was when opened in 1873

The Scone School of Arts in Kingdon Street as it was when opened in 1873


Two publications:

  • School of Arts (1868 – 1916)
  • Scone School of Arts (1917 – 1954)

Excerpt from page 15, School of Arts (1868 – 1916):

The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River Advertiser of 11th September 1873:
The new building occupies a prominent position in Kingdon Street, close to the railway line. It has a handsome stuccoed front, of the Tuscan order and has two windows there, and four windows on either side. It is built of brick on a stone foundation, and is roofed with galvanised iron. The interior is plain, and the roof is open to the top, the joists, beams and ties being painted a pale blue, picked out with red. At one end of the hall is a platform, from which two small rooms open, one of which is shelved as of a library. The supply of books at present is small but additions are contemplated. In every respect the building is an acquisition to the institution, and highly creditable to the pretty township of Scone. Mr. Backhourse [sic] of Sydney, was the architect, and Mr. J. Pritchard, of West Maitland, the builder. The hall has a very neat, cheerful, and comfortable appearance inside, and is amply lighted and ventilated. The lighting at night is effected by means of kerosene chandeliers. It is calculated to hold two hundred and fifty persons.

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