The Sewer of Social Media II

The Sewer of Social Media II

“Perhaps the greatest threat to civilization”

Featured Image: ‘Welcome to X’ Wilcox SMH 22/04/2024

The Cathy Wilcox @cathywilcox1

Here we are. My @smh@theage cartoon.

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Recent ‘convergence of atrocities’ (Peter Hartcher, ‘Nation must look in the mirror’, SMH 20/04/24) has honed in on the social media companies who provide the platforms for ‘ratbags and their ilk’ to coordinate their criminally egregious agendas. The stabbings at Bondi Junction and the knifing at Wakeley shortly thereafter were disastrous sequelae to horrendous acts of violence. While apportioning of blame is a burning hot topic, a cautionary tale is to take a step back and contemplate. “The social media companies reflect the world in which we live” (SMH correspondent 22/04/24).

Ian Biggs writes in ‘Comment’ SMH April 23, 2024:

“With or without: A social dilemma”:

“In the wake of a pair of stabbings earlier this month, misinformation and hate on social platforms made the fallout far worse. And yet, millions of us remain hooked. If we wanted to, we could leave it behind? From experience – and anecdotal evidence – the answer is “not easily”, but it’s worth trying. I did; and I succeeded!