This film was originally recorded in the Upper Hunter Valley in the early 1960s. Enthusiastic Wingen Grazier David Croker was behind the 16mm movie camera. Scone veterinarian Murray Bain wished to record for posterity the role played by the veterinary surgeon in the maintenance of optimum health in the burgeoning thoroughbred horse population on studs throughout the Upper Hunter. There is a strong emphasis on hygiene and parasite control in particular. The makers of then modern anthelminthic ‘Thiabendazole’ (Merck Sharpe & Dohme) supplied much of the sponsorship funding. The film is unique in recording live footage of legendary stallions ‘Star Kingdom’ and ‘Todman’. Reiterations of the film on both video and DVD have led to diminished quality but the magic remains. Murray Bain provides the classic audio commentary himself. Many legends of the thoroughbred industry of the time are also recorded on film.