This is a genuine ‘classic’ of the thoroughbred breeding and racing world. Produced by TV Channel 10 and journalist Graham McNiece it faithfully chronicles the lifetime history of one of the greatest stallions ever to come to Australia. It describes in detail the birth of Star Kingdom in Ireland, his racing career and ultimate destiny to “Baramul Stud” in the Widden Valley in the triumvirate ownership of S T Wootton, A O Ellison and R F Moses. The video is not strictly ‘veterinary’ but is both complimentary and complementary to the era covered in the two veterinary-related stories. There is much common ground. The live footage of ‘Star Kingdom’ is actually captured from Murray Bain’s original 1960s film. I gratefully acknowledge both sources. Each is used for educational purposes and in good faith they are included together here. Hopefully some product promotion will be an approved corollary?