Clovelly Stables @ Scone Equine Hospital & Dr Karon Hoffmann

Clovelly Stables @ Scone Equine Hospital & Dr Karon Hoffmann

Dr Karon Hoffmann BVSc MVSc PhD DipVetClinStud MRCVS Dipl. ECVDI

Featured Image: Dr Karon Hoffman at work at Clovelly Stables, Scone c. 1990

Dr Karon Hoffmann developed her enthusiasm for diagnostic imaging early during her veterinary career as a large animal internist. Her initial posting was almost 30 years ago at Scone Equine Hospital where Karon developed the Neonatal (Foal) Intensive Care Unit. It was one of the very best decisions I ever made in my professional life! “You need a foal care unit Bill and you need me to run it”! Since that time she has pursued both research and clinical expertise in the discipline and has earned both a Master’s degree and PhD in Diagnostic Imaging. Karon has published over 40 scientific articles. She has represented the profession in many roles, including as President of the Australasian Association of Veterinary Imaging and been an invited speaker at many conferences. Karon was a worthy recipient of the CVE Hungerford Award for her holistic contribution to research, teaching and clinical scholarship in large and small animal sonology. Karon is a Diplomate of the European College of Diagnostic Imaging. Karon uses the synergistic nature of routine and advanced diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures to help in the diagnosis and treatment of many complex clinical cases.

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The Intensive Care Unit at Clovelly Stables has a team of specialist veterinarians and qualified nurses who provided 24-hour care for critically-ill neonates, adults and post-operative patients.

The ICU is run under the supervision and guidance of Dr Niamh Collins, a registered specialist in Equine Medicine. Niamh, in conjunction with Equine Medicine Specialists Dr Catherine Russell, Dr Rosemary Cuming, and Dr Lucy Cudmore provide the veterinary expertise to care for local patients as well as referrals from all over New South Wales and southern Queensland. These veterinarians participate in regular international and local seminars, research projects and the teaching of local and international interns and veterinarians. Through this regular contact with veterinary specialists in Australia and overseas we ensure the latest diagnostic procedures and treatments are available for the patients at the Clovelly Intensive Care Unit.

A team of local and international nurses provide the patients with the best possible nursing care. This service is one of the greatest assets of the ICU and ensures that patients are provided with 24-hour expert care and comfort. The nurses are also leaders in their field and provide training for local and international students.

Each year SEH offers a 12-month internship in Equine Medicine and Critical care. During the programme, the intern gains skills in the clinical assessment and treatment of the intensive care patient, in particular the equine neonate and post-partum mare. Over 170 critically ill foals are admitted to the hospital during the average breeding season. This provides the intern with the background training and expertise to continue into a residency training program or private practice.