Polo Hall of Fame: Ponies to Remember

Polo Hall of Fame: Ponies to Remember

See: https://www.nswpolo.com.au/Assets/News/689/2013-Hall-of-Fame-Ponies-to-Remember.pdf

Featured Image: ‘Chester’ and owner Bob Hannon; Bob was a business partner of the late Bob Oatley when based in PNG in the 1960s. Scroll down the website for tributes to Martini, Tasman, Suva, Chips, Maria Tod, Tuesday, Jessica, Treskaa, Pinky, Castinette, Princess, Panzer and Patch.


A liver chestnut thoroughbred gelding by Baguette out of Tiny Touch bred by Jim Gibson and Blue Brotherton. (The late Jim Gibson and Robert ‘Blue’ Brotherton were two of my best mates while working at Kia Ora where Baguette stood. Could ‘Chester’ have been conceived ‘under cover of darkness’?) Blue bred and raced ‘Tiny Touch’ (by Skymaster stallion ‘Touchdown’ (imp) standing at Jack Sheppard’s ‘Gyarran Stud’, Muswellbrook. Blue worked there as well!

Author’s note: My good mate Robert (‘Carrot’) Bowen insists ‘Chester’ was actually by Kia Ora based stallion ‘Imagele’ (by ‘Sostenuto’). He concedes that ‘under cover of darkness’ Jim and Blue might have led the wrong stallion into the serving barn? ‘Carrot’ was responsible for the sale of ‘Chester’ to Bob Hannon as a Polocrosse Pony when he was initially kept at Bob Oatley’s ‘Rosemount’ property at Denman/Sandy Hollow. (Telephone call Sunday 5th January 2020)

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