‘Horsemen of the First Frontier (1788 – 1900) and the Serpents Legacy’

Horsemen of the First Frontier (1788 – 1900)

I have just learned (SMH 29/09/18) of the passing of my good friend Keith R Binney; late of Cremorne.

Featured Image: Front Cover of ‘Horsemen of the First Frontier (1788 – 1900) and the Serpents Legacy’

Keith left a most enduring bequest. He was the author of the seminal tome ‘Horsemen of the First Frontier (1788 – 1900) and The Serpents Legacy’. I have found this book to be perhaps the most fascinating, accurate and complete record in existence. I will leave it to another close friend and sadly departed colleague John Digby, erstwhile Keeper of the Australian Stud Book, to present the eulogy.

John writes in a testimonial:

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15 October 2003

Mr Keith Binney PO Box 1216 NEUTRAL BAY NSW 2089

Dear Keith,

Thank you for granting me the privilege of reading the manuscript of your book ‘Horsemen of the First Frontier and The Serpent’s Legacy’.

I am stunned by the detailed research you have undertaken and meticulous documentation of the early Australian colonial racehorse records in your manuscript.

It puts flesh and blood on the barest bones which are recorded in the Stud Book and interestingly, for the specialists, it provides some explanations for some of the anomalies in the early records of the Australian Stud Book and the even earlier Stud Books of NSW and Victoria.

I have not read anything like it on Australian racing which covers those formative years, with the detail you have included in your manuscript. For those with an interest in the history of Australian racing, your work will be a goldmine – for those with a passion for history and racing your work will be absolutely essential.

Your description of the people, their horses and their deeds is truly a masterpiece.

Kindest regards

John Digby

Keeper of the Stud Book