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AgriFutures Australia Thoroughbred Horses


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Commencing in the 2017-18 financial year, a new levy will support priority research, development and extension activities to address thoroughbred industry challenges and opportunities.

This levy provides greater certainty about future RD&E funding for investment in longer term projects.

Key components of the program

Along with breeding productivity and research into reducing horse diseases and parasites, the program may explore:

  • Research to reduce injury and breakdown of horses in work and training
  • Improve the safety of industry participants
  • Enhance the environmental sustainability of the industry.

About the industry

Australia has the second largest thoroughbred breeding industry in the world after the United States, with 660 stud farms across the country, predominantly in NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

These stud farms supply thoroughbred horses to both the domestic and overseas markets. In the 2014–15 season, 19,368 mares were covered to produce 12,871 live foals.

Australia stages more races with more runners than most of Western Europe combined, with Australian-bred mare Winx the top-rated racehorse on turf in the world in 2017.

The thoroughbred racing industry is worth approximately $5 billion per annum to the Australian economy, and employs more than 65,000 people, particularly in rural and regional areas.


The program is funded by statutory levies paid by industry participants matched dollar for dollar by the Australian Government (up to 0.5 per cent of the industry’s GVP).

The levy will be set at a rate of $10 per mare covered per season, paid by the stallion owner and $10 per mare returned per season, paid by the broodmare owner.

The levy is expected to collect $400,000 from the industry per annum.

RD&E plan

AgriFutures Australia is currently developing a five-year RD&E plan for the Thoroughbred Horses Program.

AgriFutures Australia has undertaken R&D for the broader horse industry since 1995, and delivered valuable outcomes such as improvements in equine neonatal care​.

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Dr Melanie Bradley
Program Manager, Research & Innovation
02 6923 6913
0407 987 738

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