Bim & Vain 1980

Bim & Vain

Featured Image: Acknowledge Ross Du Bourg in his seminal treatise ‘The Australian and New Zealand Thoroughbred’: Page 64

Vanity actually doesn’t come into it. The picture accurately tells the story albeit it’s a well-worn cliché.  Bim Thompson and Vain both had a lot to be ‘vain’ about; but both determinedly eschewed the sobriquet. I knew both very well. Bim did not live to witness Vain’s progeny earnings surpass the $1 million adduced by Ross and News Ltd in the subtitle paragraph to the photograph. He died tragically in July 1980. Had he survived he would have been thrilled by the win of ‘Inspired’ in the Golden Slipper Stakes 1984. Co-owner and breeder Simon Nivison from Walcha was one of his very best mates right through school and forever thereafter. ‘Inspired’ (by ‘Vain’ from ‘Thought’) was a very popular winner also celebrated by Jill’s family; the ‘thoroughbred royalty’ Taits from Colac.