Brian Russell Relocates

Brian Russell Relocates 

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Photographed farewelling Brian Russell at Merton Aged Care Village, back row Dawn Charlton, Lesley Moore, Alison Hordern and  Shirley Nebaur, front – Bill McKenzie, Brian Russell and Robert Lewis

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Brian Russell, 58 Pecks Road, North Richmond NSW 2754

Phone (02) 4571 3537 Email  AUGUST 27 2019

Brian Russell’s 56 years reviewing Hunter Thoroughbred Breeding

Neighbours (pictured) plus good friend Lesley Moore (Muswellbrook) farewell Brian Russell (centre) outside Villa 4, Merton Aged Care Village, Denman before his departure on September 24 to live with his son Ian and family at North Richmond NSW, a move made necessary because of the collapse of the health of his wife Deidree, now in full time care.

Although only resident at Merton Village for a little over a year, Brian loved the quality of the units and management and the friendship of the neighbours. Because of his own health problems, Brian needed a lot of help from the Merton Village Home Care group and is full of praise for the Merton Angels who helped him, Renae (co-ordinator), Cathy, Cheryl, Janet, Joy, Rebecca and Terry.

A writer on thoroughbred breeding since early 1963 and associated with the industry in the Hunter Valley ever since, Brian made what will be possibly his last call at a stud in the region when he attended the stallion parade at Widden on August 22.

Starting off his career commenting on breeding in Sydney 56 years ago; Brian Lived at Scone for five years and Muswellbrook for 27. While at Scone he established a national breeding monthly magazine under the banner of Australian Bloodhorse Review and moved to Richmond NSW so it could be produced by Rural Press. It now has new owners and a name change to Bluebloods.

Due to be 89 on September 21, Brian in recent years has been publishing regular reviews under Australian Thoroughbred sent by email to 3400 people involved in breeding and racing.  He hopes to resume reports in the near future.

Note: I have taken the liberty of posting this on my regular ‘blog’. Brian actually sent it to me. Lesley Moore is Jack Johnston’s daughter from Scone. She was secretary of Scone Race Club when I assumed the office of President in 1978. Lesley has been Brian’s ‘chief-of -staff’ in recent times. Also sharing the excellent space at Merton Court are Mr & Mrs John Harris from the eminent ‘Holbrook Stud’ in the Widden Valley .It’s eclectic thoroughbred company!