Dr William JOHN Paradice M.B., B.S., F.R.A.C.G.P.

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Dr John Paradice served with great distinction in the Royal Australian Navy after leaving The Kings School, Sydney following WWII. After demobilisation John Paradice entered Sydney University and graduated in Medicine (M.B., B.S.,) in the early 1950’s. He then came to Scone where he has diligently served for over 60 years as a GP, Consultant Physician and visiting Scott Memorial Hospital Medical Officer with a special interest in general practice.  He has obtained other specialist medical qualifications as a result of further concentrated study and dedicated medical practice.

I wish to respectfully and unreservedly recommend Dr John Paradice for the 2016 Upper Hunter Shire Council Citizen of the Year Award based on his altruism, selfless compassion and magnanimous lifelong devotion to his family, profession and community as physician, counsellor, consultant, volunteer, mentor, advocate, surgeon and true friend. In addition to his medical duties Dr John Paradice has served on the Board of the Upper Hunter Village Association (now Strathearn Village Association). While the Scone Scots existed Dr John Paradice was perhaps its most diligent supporter at the annual celebration dinner and St Andrews Day Races at White Park. Immensely proud of his rich Scots heritage John has also enthusiastically embraced such celebrations as Burns Suppers. Dr Paradice is a fixture at every ANZAC day and dutifully marches with his fellow veterans while very proudly supported by his fully extended family. This dedicated service far exceeding the conventionally accepted call of duty has extended well over 60 years embracing local, regional, State, National and International communities and humanity. As far as I am aware Dr John Paradice has yet to receive official recognition. He typically generously supported the nomination of ex-Scone medical colleague Dr David ‘Toby’ Barton for an OAM in 2001 and wrote his very sensitive obituary.

The corollary to this nomination is that it would recognise not only the achievements of Dr John Paradice but also that of his large and burgeoning family including devoted spouse Bobbie. I think it might be valid to claim that no other single cadre and its many members have made a greater contribution to the wellbeing of the whole community in the Upper Hunter over the past half century.

I am very proud to claim that I have known Dr John Paradice for 48* years (1967 – 2015). [*Now 57 years – 1967 – 2024]

Footnote: This nomination ‘morphed’ into the richly deserved National Award (OAM) depicted here. The UHSC created a  rather subdued ‘special award’ for Dr Paradice which I think he received twice? Much to my chagrin he did not receive the Hunter McLaughlin Citizen’s Award.