Greater & Lesser Gutsbys

Greater & Lesser Gutsbys


Chris Winter and I shared a few anecdotes.

We invented a rating for the ‘Great Gutsby’, the ‘Greater Gutsby’ and the ‘Greatest Gutsby’. F Scott Fitzgerald wrote brilliantly about the Great Gatsby (Jay Gatsby) in New York, but we didn’t have any of those, so we countered with our local variety of which there were plenty. We both arrived at the same decision(s) for clear winners in each category.

Only recently I met our mutually selected ‘Greatest Gutsby’ outside the Scone Post Office. Where else in Scone! He was still a ‘Gutsby’, but not now the ‘greatest’. His midriff reduction strategies have been working. Perhaps its ‘Man Shake’? The Man Shake | Weight Loss Shakes For Men and More It could be to do with the fact he’s no longer working in a pub?

It set me thinking. I believe there’s a ‘Lesser Bustard’ (Bird) in Australia? Like many species, the original Greater Bustards were driven to extinction for being too ponderous, fat, and slow. There could be some lessons there. As soon as ‘Whitefellas’ introduced guns, many species succumbed. I contacted Chris and suggested we should introduce a new category of Lesser (Great) Gutsbys. There are plenty of obesity candidates out there including a few of our elected (political) brethren. The leader of the United Australia Party who likes you to vote ‘no’ and claims all the credit springs to mind. It might remind us of our corpulent cadre and that we can do better. Guilty as charged.

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