Jamie Feeney: Budding Banjo 1994?

Jamie Feeney: Budding Banjo 1994?

Featured Image: Courtesy of ‘The Way We Were’; A Pictorial History of the Scone District 1901 – 2001 by Anne McMullin, Kath Farrell and Audrey Entwisle; Federation Publication No. 4; Published by Scone and Upper Hunter Historical Society Inc. 2001

Most sporting aficionados would be intimately familiar with the outstanding National Rugby League career of Jamie Feeney?

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamie_Feeney

See: https://www.roosters.com.au/news/2020/06/24/jamie-feeney-appointed-roosters-2020-nrl-womens-head-coach/

I remember young Jamie Feeney very well indeed! My son Hugh was representing the Scone Junior Thoroughbreds Under-X RL Team. He was a ‘bench player’ under the expert coaching tutelage of legendary Scone identity Maurie Watts. Son Aaron Watts was the outstanding playmaker at 5/8th. Scone was playing South Muswellbrook Primary School. It would have been about 1987 or 1988? A superbly athletic very noticeable pure blond athlete stood out; even against a talented and powerful Scone side. He was Jamie Feeney. He ran like the wind with the ball and no-one could catch him. Even then Maurie Watts recognised precocious talent. ‘He’ll go far’ was Maurie’s accurate prediction. He did.

However it appears Jamie was multi-talented; including at Secondary School. Looking for something else I uncovered the presentation as depicted in the Featured Image above. Jamie at the time was a student at St Joseph’s High School in Aberdeen. Oc Adnum was an Aberdeen legend of the 20th century. Fittingly Jamie’s prize was ‘Australia’s Wide World of Sport’. Could it be that Jamie Feeney missed another career opportunity as a ‘Budding Banjo’? Perhaps he has progressed; unbeknown to thee, me, we, you and us?