Lexington (Horse)

Lexington (Horse)

Featured Image: ‘Lexington’ (Book) by Kim Wickens

See: Kim Wickens – Author and Equestrian (kimwickensauthor.com)

I’ve just read Kim Wickens book as pictured herewith. Enlightening! I think ‘Lexington’ might be the greatest of all thoroughbred sires. I know of no other who can claim a total of 16 National Champion Sires Titles?

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lexington_(horse)

See: Lexington – Kim Wickens (kimwickensauthor.com)

What is even more remarkable is the ‘Lexington’ was at least partially blind! He suffered from an affliction called Equine Recurrent Uveitis (ERU) otherwise known as ‘Moon Blindness’.

See: Overview of Equine Recurrent Uveitis – Eye Diseases and Disorders – MSD Veterinary Manual (msdvetmanual.com)

From a veterinary point of view the author has correctly identified the pathology and prognosis. Under racing legislation today in all major jurisdictions ‘Lexington’ would not have been allowed to start. Essentially there is no cure, only palliative treatment, and care. It makes ‘Lexington’s racetrack performances so much more meritorious overall.

I have made several visits to Lexington, KY USA during my professional career beginning in 1970. We regarded it as the ‘Mecca’ of equine veterinary reproduction & science boasting world leaders in their fields. I never knew the existence of ‘Lexington’ the horse!