Nazeer Fareeb

Nazeer Fareeb (1846)

Featured Image: Nazeer Fareeb (1846) High Caste Arab ex India

While ‘Walers’ were being sent to India as British Army Cavalry Remounts there was still traffic in the opposite direction for quality entire colts. ‘Nazeer Fareeb’ was one such stallion. I don’t know where he landed but this was a continuum of the gradual improvement of the now ‘indigenous’ and expanding local brand/breed of horses. The same or similar was taking place with other livestock most notably sheep (Merinos) and Cattle.

It was not until 1971 that the ‘Waler’ horse was acknowledged as the Australian Stock Horse. Thoroughbreds had been recorded in their own Australian Stud Book for well over 100 years before that. It may have been the ‘chutzpah’ which accompanied the introduction of the American Quarter Horse to push overdue accreditation of the local breed?