Scone Jockey Club 1918

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The Office Bearers listed quite a few local luminaries who were very prevalent in community activity during this era. Notables included J A K Shaw, H L White, M C Campbell, G M Campbell and A F ‘Advocate’ Smith. J A K Shaw lived in my house ‘Geraldton’ at this time. He was also Judge for the Australian Jockey Club (AJC) at Randwick. Sadly he passed away only two years later (1920).

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Scone Jockey Club

Office Bearers 1918


Mr J K Shaw


Messrs H L White, M C Campbell, G M Campbell


Messrs J Miller, J R Ferris, O Hardcastle, J F Morris, F C Goring, G A Cumberland


Mr Detective O’Connor


Mr T P Borthwick


Mr G M Campbell

Stipendiary Steward:

Mr R S Turner

Assistant Stewards:

Messrs M W Campbell and J A K Shaw

Hon Treasurer:

Mr J A K Shaw


Mr E C Lukey

Clerk of Scales:

Mr J Miller

Clerk of Course:

Mr G Kinnaird

Hon Secretary:

Mr A F Smith