Scone wins 2019 Cartier Queen’s Cup

Scone wins 2019 Cartier Queen’s Cup

Featured Image: Scone No 1 and captain David Paradice accepts the Cartier Queen’s Cup from HM Queen Elizabeth II; photo courtesy of Dr Wej Paradice

Scone born-and-bred David Paradice richly deserves this trophy. He has invested significantly in the area and has also been a munificent public benefactor. His win has given enormous pleasure and satisfaction to parents Dr John and Mrs Bobbie Paradice plus all siblings and their partners. It is significant that David is sporting the No 1 Polo Jumper which is actually a position on the team. David might claim it has other resonance?

IN their first season playing British high goal, Scone Polo have won one of the most prestigious polo tournaments in the world – the Cartier Queen’s Cup.

Scone’s David Paradice, backed up by British power duo James Harper and England team captain James Beim and Argentinian Nico Pieres – who have all previously played for Ellerston – took the top spot in Sunday’s final after a hard 9 to 5 win against Park Place.

The only new name on the roster this year, the four-man Scone team was awarded the coveted trophy by HM The Queen at the historical home of polo, Guards Polo Club in Windsor, England.

Despite a rocky start to the competition, losing their first two matches, Scone found their form when it mattered most, winning four in a row to see it through to the momentous win on Sunday.

Scone’s improvement throughout the competition was described by commentators on the ground as “maturing with age, like a fine wine.”

Paradice and the Scone team also received enormous praise from the commentators who remarked it was fantastic to have a new name on the trophy.

“Can you imagine the celebration in Ellerston in Australia? There’s a new name on the trophy… and it’s not Dubai, it’s not Indiana. Their first time playing polo here, at the highest level, and they’re the winners here in England… and that’s fantastic for polo.”

Acknowledging the drought in Scone the commentators said “it must be horrendous for you all and we commiserate with you on that and hope that you get some rain very, very shortly”.

“But in the meantime guys down there you can celebrate because one of your own has won one of the most prestigious prizes in polo: the Cartier Queen’s Cup.”

2019 Cartier Queen’s Cup tournament results:

Thursday 23 May:

Murus Sanctus defeated Scone Polo, 9-8

Sunday 26 May:

La Indiana defeated Scone Polo, 13-9

Saturday June 1:

Scone Polo defeated Emlor Polo 11-10

Wednesday June 5:

Scone Polo defeated Monterosso Polo 10-9

Saturday June 8:

Scone Polo defeated Talandracas 11-7

Wednesday June 12:

Scone Polo defeated VS King Power 7-5

Sunday June 16:

Scone Polo defeated Park Place 9-5