Skeletine (Imp)


Featured Image: ‘Skeletine’ ‘Manto’ (Imp 1825); first named mare tracing taproot back to General Stud Book

Mares tend to be neglected when considering early influence in horse breeding and thoroughbred breeding in particular. This is partly because they leave fewer offspring then any successful stallion. However their influence should never be underestimated nor neglected. I have been guilty of both. In recent times no less a high profile breeder than John Kelly of Newhaven Park, Boorowa volunteered the opinion that stud masters had paid too much attention to stallions when they should have been actively seeking superior broodmares. This wisdom came from the enlightened breeder who imported champion sire ‘Wilkes’ (Fr) by Court Martial.

‘Skeletine’ undoubtedly shows the superior conformation and quality of a well-bred thoroughbred even allowing for artistic licence. She was a daughter of ‘Skeleton’ (IRE) featured earlier in the montage.