Beijing Longtou Farm

Featured Image: Longtou Horse Farm

The Beijing Longtou Farm is a converted chicken raising facility of some 120 acres and owned by Japanese interests. The paddocks were enclosed by the ubiquitous brick walls/fences so prevalent in this part of northern China. The walls are far cheaper than post-and-rail fencing with the ready availability of abundant cheap labour and raw materials. Mr. Isamuishida informed us over 4 million bricks were used in construction of the fences which provide excellent wind shelter in winter. The farm stands three USA bred thoroughbred stallions in Thrill Show [USA], Golden Pheasant [USA] and Tight Spot [USA]. Mares located at Longtou Farm include the progeny of Roberto, Tony Bin, Conquistador Cielo, Soviet Star, Helissio, Jade Robbery, Ogygian, Arctic Tern and Groom Dancer. The project represents a confident investment by the Japanese Company in the future horse racing industry in China. The aim is to produce quality thoroughbreds for the local market at 1/10th. the cost of production in Japan.