Dr Angus O McKinnon OAM

Dr Angus O McKinnon OAM

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Angus O. McKinnon OAM

BVSc, MSc, Diplomate ACT, DipVetMed., Diplomate ABVP . BVSc, MSc, Diplomate ACT, DipVetMed., Diplomate ABVP.

Angus graduated from Melbourne University in 1978, and worked in private practice for a year, before heading to Ontario Veterinary College, Guelph, Ontario, Canada in 1980 to work and study for a Diploma in Large Animal Medicine. He continued at Ontario Veterinary College as Assistant Professor in Large Animal Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction for the period 1982-84.

Angus then travelled to Colorado State University, USA, where he was employed as Assistant Professor in Equine Reproduction and Field Service 1984-1988, and as Associate Professor in Equine Medicine and Field Service 1988

Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital

The vision of Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital began in 1988 when a brief discussion between Dr Jim Vasey and Dr Angus McKinnon took place regarding the merits of an equine hospital, based in Shepparton, which would assist horse owners, breeders and stud farm managers in the area and beyond.

Following on from this, Jim Vasey, who was already working in the district, collaborated further with Angus McKinnon who was working overseas (Colorado USA) and who had become very well known in the field of  equine reproduction, especially in North America, to form a partnership and an equine hospital.

The hospital was built on an 85-acre irrigated farm just north of Shepparton, Victoria in 1988 and was staffed initially by veterinarians Jim Vasey and Angus McKinnon, with a single combined receptionist / veterinary nurse (Michelle Goulding).

Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital was officially opened in 1989 by Dr Davis McCaughey, the then Governor of Victoria.

The practice gradually built up over the years and in 2017 it employed approximately fifteen full time / part time veterinarians, and thirty full time, part time and casual support staff.  Several of the hospital’s veterinarians are specialists in the fields of equine surgery, reproduction and medicine. The business owns a large recipient mare herd (approx. 250 mares).  It runs a very busy schedule and sees a varied case load on most days.

The practice enjoys hosting visiting veterinarians.  The visitor’s calendar is fully booked for most weeks of the busy breeding season, often six to eight months in advance. Veterinarians from throughout Australia and overseas often visit to gain further experience and knowledge from our staff.

In 2017, The University of Melbourne (UoM) purchased the Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital business from Drs Vasey and McKinnon. From late January 2019, the UoM has been rotating Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students through the hospital as part of their practical work requirements. These students are supervised by our onsite Veterinary Tutor, Dr Max Hannan.

Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital continues to go from strength to strength and evolve as an industry leader and looks forward to an exciting future within the thriving equine community.