Equine Walk of Fame

Equine Walk of Fame

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Very soon we will see 113 bronze plaques embedded in the pathways of Kelly Street, Scone. These are the culmination of several years planning, cajoling and prodding. The categories of famous horses are summarised thus:

Featured Image: ‘I Am Invincible’ Plaque (draft) Scale = 380mm vertical x 280mm horizontal

Scone Equine Walk of Fame Horse Summary:

Category Number of Plaques Sub-total(s) Distribution


Thoroughbred Racehorses 38 Liverpool to St Aubins, West
Champion Thoroughbred Sires 29 Kingdon to Liverpool, West
Australian Stock Horses 20 Liverpool to St Aubins, East
Performance/Other Horses 21 Kingdon to Liverpool, East
(Light Horse) (4) War Memorial
(Polo) (11) Kingdon to Liverpool, East
(Olympian/Equestrian) (6) Kingdon to Liverpool, East
SHF Horse of the Year 5 St Aubins Square
Total(s) 113 (21)  

Although this project has been many years in the making the following have contributed most significantly to eventual delivery in its current format. These include most importantly Jill Macintyre** and Peter Haydon***. Others were Julianne Christopher (HTBA), Steve Guihot (ASHS) and latterly Andrew Cooper** (ASHS), Alan Fletcher, David Gatwood, Belinda Oltenue and Tracey Warner (all UHSC). Chloe Leake (***) and Allan Greer (both UHSC) have been outstanding in driving the concept to fruition.

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Equine Walk of Fame Groups

Australian Stock Horses + Year of Birth Champion Thoroughbred Sires + Year of Birth Champion Thoroughbred Racehorses + Year of Birth Performance & Other Horses:

Light Horse Group

Polo Horses (P)


SHF Horse of the Year

Saladin 1870 Lochiel 1882 Poseidon 1903 Midnight 1905
Cecil 1899 Grafton 1884 Poitrel 1914 Polo 1908
Midnight 1905 Ayr Laddie 1892 Beauford 1916 Fred 1908
Radium 1911 Maltster 1897 Eurythmic 1916 Horses Deployed Overseas WWI
Norma 1930 Linacre 1904 Heroic 1921 Gibbergunyah (P) 1922
Bobbie Bruce 1934 Valais 1913 Windbag 1921 Panzer (P) 1945
Dimray 1938 Magpie 1913 Amounis 1922 Nabinabah Kylie (P) 1978
Chan 1945 Heroic 1921 Peter Pan 1929 Chester (P) 1980
Abbey 1955 Beau Pere 1927 Ajax 1934 Ellerston Pinky (P) 1983
Nabinabah the Gun 1957 Manitoba 1930 Flight 1940 Ellerston Suva (P) 1984
Reality 1958 Midstream 1930 Shannon 1941 Ellerston Claret (P)


Sage King 1958 Delville Wood 1942 Delta 1946 Ellerston Lizzie (P)


Haydon Gypsey II 1961 Star Kingdom 1946 Sailor’s Guide 1952 Haydon Angel Jewel (P) 2001
Rosebrook Cedar 1962 Bletchingly 1970 Todman 1954 Ellerston Sheltie (P)


MacCallum’s Kintyre 1963 Vain 1966 Fine and Dandy 1956 Ellerston Cube (P)


Abdul 1966 Marscay 1979 Noholme 1956 Gold Ross (O/E)


Nabinabah Comma 1972 Last Tycoon 1983 Sky High 1957 Coronation (E/O)


Scrumlo Victory 1973 Danehill 1986 Rain Lover 1964 Salad Days (E/O)


Nabinabah Breezette 1973 Redoute’s Choice 1996 Biscay 1965 Kibah Tic Toc (E/O)


Edenhope Mickey Myndo 1984 Flying Spur 1992 Vain 1966 Wishful Thinking (E/O)


Encosta De Largo 1993 Baguette 1967 Kibah Sandstone (E/O)


Lonhro 1998 Gunsynd 1967 Greendale Acres Liberty Beau SHF 2018


Fastnet Rock 2001 Luskin Star 1974 Hunterview Sinatra SHF 2019


Exceed and Excel 2000 Kingston Town 1976 Jabell Shekira Spin

SHF 2020


Street Cry 1998 Emancipation 1979 Efficient

SHF 2021


Snitzel 2002 Canny Lad 1987 Brigadoon Park Black Magic SHF 2022


Written Tycoon 2002 Schillaci 1988
I Am Invincible 2004 Mahogany 1990
Flying Spur 1992
Octagonal 1992
Lonhro 1998
Choisir 1999
Makybe Diva 1999
Miss Finland 2003
Weekend Hussler 2004
Typhoon Tracy 2005
Black Caviar 2006
Pierro 2009
Winx 2011
20 28 39 21 + 5 (SHF)
Grand Total = 113


Horse Heritage Precinct @ Scone (Blog)

See: https://sconevetdynasty.com.au/horse-heritage-precinct-scone/

Legends Myths & Fantasies

The title is apposite. This ‘post’ fits all three categories, but it’s been on my agenda for a long time. It’s something that has been gnawing away in my psyche and refuses to go away. I started with the concept of a ‘Hall of Fame’. The notion bounced back meekly however, whenever and wherever I tried to purvey it. This is yet another attempt!



Following implementation of the Scone Bypass post-2020 the opportunity presents to establish a Horse Heritage Precinct embracing the Kelly Street corridor in its entirety or in especially designated zones or sectors. The UHSC Kelly Street Revitalisation Committee is the delegated revue agency.

“This sculpture (Mare & Foal) identifies Scone and the Upper Hunter Valley as the Horse Breeding Centre of Australia. It commemorates the role horses have played in the development of Australia and is a tribute to one of mankind’s greatest friends”.


“Clarity of vision and unity of purpose”

Establish a ‘Horse Heritage Precinct’ to record, honour, display and preserve the outstanding contributions made to horse production (breeding and racing) by exceptional individuals, families, Studs and teams throughout the history of our community and country. The ‘Horse Heritage Precinct’ will also celebrate the emblematic status and historic significance of the region as one of the great horse and thoroughbred producing areas of the world. It will both augment and strengthen Scone’s image as a totemic tourism destination.

Walk of Fame

Contact Name:                 Alan Fletcher      Manager Special Projects              UHSC

Contact Number:              0265 401 103

Ref:                                      OUT-12989/18

26 February 2019

Dear Sir/Alan

I refer to your letter re. SCONE HORSE WALK OF FAME – NOMINATION FOR PAST AND CURRENT CHAMPIONS as designated above.

I write as an elected/appointed charter member of the Walk of Fame Sub-Committee.

Scone and the Upper Hunter have at least three areas of traditional excellence. These are:

(1) Thoroughbred Breeding (plus Country Racing),

(2) Australian Stock Horse Society (‘Walers’) and affiliated activities

(3) Polo in Australia.

These equine sports should be acknowledged with majority representation in a genuine WALK OF FAME and not share billing with the meretricious latecomer societies or selections. The latter could be listed on an honour board such as in the Scone Visitor Information Centre or the Scone Race Club Cup Winners in the Thoroughbred Hotel. The Scone Horse Festival ‘emerged’ from the Scone Thoroughbred Week some 40 years ago.