Henry Dangar

Henry Dangar

The first European in the area was the 29 year old Government surveyor Henry Dangar who, in 1824, passed by the area just west of the present town site. He crossed over the Liverpool Range but retreated when attacked by the Geawegal clan of the Wanaruah people west of the Murrurundi town site.

Dangar’s favourable report on the district led to an immediate land grab by wealthy settlers who had been issued warrants authorising them to take up land. One of the first to investigate the new area was Francis Little who was seeking land for himself and his uncle Dr William Bell Carlyle. Little established Invermein in 1825.

Mary Ann Sutton, known as Granny Sutton, was accredited with having introduced the Prickly Pear to Australia.  She brought a small plant from England when she came out as a housemaid to Francis Little of Invermein

Carlyle was issued the grant of Satur which is now a suburb on the western side of Scone.

William Dangar, Henry’s brother claimed Turanville and Dr Archibald Little settled for Cressfield.  John Bingle established Puen Buen and Thomas Potter Macqueen took up his land grant at Segenhoe in 1826-7.

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