Reality – FS

Acknowledge: Australian Stock Horse Society 40th Anniversary Compendium


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Featured Image: REALITY – FS and Terry Hall

With over 17,000 descendants, REALITY – FS is the second most influential stallion in the Australian Stock Horse Stud Book. Born at Gresford in the Hunter Valley, only a stone’s throw from Glendonbrook where Bobbie Bruce was born, REALITY – FS was purchased be well known campdrafter , Alf Bignell, and broken in by Mel Bates of Gunnedah.

REALITY – FS was to return to Maitland after being broken-in; then he spent some time at Throwley Station at Merriwa before moving to Moree when Alf’s job required him to move there. It was here that he was purchased by Mel Bates, who had always wanted to own him.

Mel was to take REALITY – FS on the road with him droving, and people would marvel at how quiet he was. Although he was only 14.2 hands, Mel described him as being powerful to ride but soft. Mle had cattle on the road near Narrabri and word came out that they were short of pick-up men at Narrabri Rodeo, so Mel volunteered to help. What happened next amazed the spectators, and Mel too:

‘The whip went and I rode in on REALITY – FS to pick up the rider. The buckjumper jumped the fence and REALITY – FS went out over the fence with him’, said Mel.

Artie Hall once said, ‘Mel was such a great horseman that REALITY – FS was always outstanding to handle and was always going well.’ Everyone who saw or rode REALITY – FS commented on his ability to cut out cattle and his incredible balance.

REALITY – FS was by Dimray, who was by Radium out of Doreen, who was by Sylvius (TB). REALITY – FS’s dam, Glamour, was Alf Bignell’s well known campdraft mare by Bignell’s Radiant, a grey stallion, also bred at Gresford by Lester Brogan and purchased by Alf Bignell when he was a two year old. Bignell’s Radiant was by Radium, out of a mare called Mac White’s Dawn. This mare tipped REALITY – FS into the Saladin line of horses. Mac White’s Dawn was also the dam of another well-known sire at that time, Dinkum.

Like ABBEY – FS, REALITY – FS has the double cross back to radium and Cecil.