Scone Equine Group Erudite Trifecta 2022

Scone Equine Group Erudite Trifecta 2022

Dr Ken Jacobs CSU Wagga            Carolind Strong (Pike)    Dr Catherine Chicken PhD            Dr Angus Adkins

Featured Image: Presentation of Awards of Excellence at the recent Bain Fallon Memorial Lectures, Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA), 42nd Bain Fallon Memorial Lectures

Celebrating the best of Australian Equine Veterinary Science
17 – 21 July 2022 Pullman Hotel Albert Park, Melbourne, VIC

I am extremely proud of the achievement of my professional colleagues as depicted in the Featured Image. I believe this is a first for any Equine Veterinary Practice in the country. We might even legitimately claim the quadrella. Adjunct Professor Ken Jacobs (CSU, Wagga Wagga) was an undergraduate student with us in the mid-1970s.

Carolind (Pike) Strong was awarded the prize for Excellence in Equine Veterinary Nursing. I recall the day she presented as an ingenue school student anxiously hoping for a job 34 years ago. Fortunately, Jenny Jenkins ‘saw the light’ and we employed 16yo Carolind Pike from Owens Gap straight away. We never regretted the decision. Carolind has been a ‘gem’ ever since and I think holds the record for longevity of service which shows no sign of abating. I used to joke about a ‘Pikelet’ in the house!

Dr Catherine Chicken PhD has strived for excellence since the time she arrived. She succeeded in spades. Catherine won the Award for Contribution to the Equine Industry with a litany of credits to back it up. Like many of her cohort Catherine’s career has been truly international in its extent. This experience often delivers rich rewards in overall education. As one of the highest formally educated professionals in our community, Catherine is a role model for many of her gender. The shuttle service is not confined to elite thoroughbred stallions. Indeed, we as vets predated this phenomenon.

Dr Angus Adkins was duly recognised for Excellence in the field of Equine Surgery plus ancillary ‘satellite’ activities. Although relocating to Avenel, Victoria Angus is still part of the team with the reach of the practice now extending interstate as well as regional NSW.

It’s a fitting tribute when one considers the name of the annual conference is dedicated to the late Murray Bain who was co-founder of veterinary practice in Scone in 1950.

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Murray Bain had a life-directional philosophical ‘triplet’ which he quoted ad infinitum.

  1. “Let’s not hide our light under a bushel”. He didn’t!
  2. “Let’s not be stupidly immodest”. He wasn’t!
  3. The ribald third component is unsuitable for unabridged general publication. Suffice it to say it had to do with the stimulus for erectile function being ‘devoid of any conscience’!