Scott Memorial Hospital Medical & Nursing Staff 1933


Scone Hospital Centenary 1834 – 1934 Arthur Smith Memorial “Back to Scone Week”

7 – 8 – 9 – 10th March 1934 Official Souvenir ….. 2/6

Dr Oswald Barton was the son of Sir Edmund Barton; Australia’s first Prime Minister at the time of Federation in 1901. He resided at ‘Geraldton’, 2 Shaw Street, Scone. This is my current residence. It was also occupied by Solicitor J A K Shaw who was on the Hospital Board and a former Mayor of Scone. He was a close friend of the late Dr H J H Scott, brother of Dr C H Scott seated in the second row. Dr H K Grieve was a long term resident in Scone.

Dr Toby Barton later succeeded his father Dr Oswald Barton both as a Doctor at SMH Scone and living at ‘Geraldton’.