The Way We Were XIX Cricket at Barrington Tops 1924

Featured Image: Acknowledge ‘The Way We Were’; A Pictorial History of the Scone District 1901 – 2001; by Anne McMullin, Kath Farrell and Audrey Entwisle. Federation Publication No. 4; Published by Scone and Upper Hunter Historical Society Inc. 2002

It may be the cricketers were joined by dingo hunter Alexander Morrison. He camped at his hut on the Gummi River, Tomalla Tops during the week while hunting dingoes. He donated a pure bred dingo to Taronga Park Zoo in 1922.

This was the first cricket match played at Barrington Tops on 19th April 1924.

1924-04-19, English, Photograph edition: The first cricket match on Barrington Tops. Eccleston V Stewarts Brook