Upper Hunter Shire Council 2004 – 2024

Upper Hunter Shire Council 2004 – 2024

See Featured Image: Notice of UHSC Council Meeting Agenda 27 May 2024 at 5:00pm

I was very pleased indeed to receive an invitation to attend the meeting as decreed in the featured image above. I met a few ‘new’ Councillors and re-acquainted myself with many of my ex-Councillor fellows who still prevail. It was a very convivial meeting at an important moment in time.

Longest term Councillor and Ex-Mayor Cr Lee Watts delivered a very well-rounded and minutely researched summary of 20 years of Governance by the UHSC. This was applauded with unanimous acclamation by the Councillors and invitees.

Page 2 of the Council Meeting Agenda included as Item 3 Statement of Ethical Obligations:

The Mayor and Councillors are reminded that they remain bound by the Oath or Affirmation of Office made at the beginning of the Council term to undertake their civic duties in the best interests of the people of the Upper Hunter Shire community and to faithfully and impartially carry out the functions, powers, authorities and discretions vested in them under the Local Government Act or any other Act, the best of their ability and judgement.

Council Officials are also reminded of the requirement to declare and appropriately manage any conflicts of interest they may have in relation to matters considered at this meeting in accordance with the Code of Conduct of Meeting Practice.

At least five (5) and perhaps more are originally citizens of other countries. (CP-P [USA], SA, ND, KW, WPH [all UK]). We all make an oath or take a pledge when we are admitted as Australian Citizens. I did so as below.

See: https://sconevetdynasty.com.au/certificate-of-australian-citizenship/

In 1994, the Keating Government replaced the oath with a Pledge of Commitment to Australia and removed the reference to the Crown:

From this time forward, [under God,]

I pledge my loyalty to Australia and its people,

Whose democratic beliefs I share,

Whose rights and liberties I respect, and

Whose laws I will uphold and obey.

Enough said? The prospective citizen has the option to make the pledge with or without the words “under God”