World’s Most Successful Sires of Stakes-Winners in 2022

World’s Most Successful Sires of Stakes-Winners in 2022


Tara Madgwick – Monday January 2



Featured Image: ‘Dubawi’ with many others on the webpage.

There’s a mountain of information on the ‘Breednet’ Website. Thank you, Tara Madgwick. It’s compulsory ‘viewing’ and reading for me. Online has taken the place of print media coverage of the thoroughbred racing and breeding scene. I was one who genuinely mourned the passing of the great turf writers of yesteryear. Very few are left with Max Presnell still ‘flying the flag’ and Ray Thomas performing a valiant function.

I’m a fan of statistics despite some hoary old cliches pertaining. ‘Breednet’ is where you find the answers.  Our very own champion ‘I Am Invincible’ holds his own although he is not represented in the Northern Hemisphere, especially Europe, where most of the traditional Classic & Staying Races for the ‘stoutly bred’ are contested. The average/median distance of the winning progeny of ‘I Am Invincible’ is significantly less than a majority of the NH champions. More than 90% do not succeed beyond 1600m. Is it our preferred pattern of racing, race programming or breeding fundamentals which are pivotal? What’s that again about ‘lies, damned lies and statistics’?