Parkville Piggery & SPEW 1995

Parkville Piggery & SPEW 1995

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“A delegation of Lynda Stoner, Judi Coward and Prof. Peter Singer talk with the Piggery manager, Mr. Cliff Thorogood”. It would have been a robust discussion. Cliff was a friend (and client) of mine. They don’t come any tougher or more forthright! Lynda Stoner might have provided stiff competition to the local icon ‘Wingen Maid’?

Animal Liberationists protested outside the Parkville Piggery, just north on Scone. The Piggery is part owned by the PM Paul Keating. Australian actress Lynda Stoner was one of the thirty-three participants at the Parkville intensive piggery action, 1995. On 21 November 1995, thirty-three activists waded through muddy terrain in the jet-black night. This was a very hot political topic of the day. Mr Keatings’ association with Piggery Principal Mr ‘Big Al’ Constantinidis attracted huge coverage in the press of the day. Investigative journalist from the ‘Political Right’ were in a feeding frenzy like never before!

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Animal Liberation is a non-profit animal rights organisation based in Sydney, Australia, founded by Christine Townend and led by current CEO Lynda Stoner. It was formed in 1976, one year after the release of Animal Liberation by Australian philosopher Peter Singer. Animal Liberation’s primary campaigns are to advocate against the use of animals for food (factory farmed or free range), clothing, research, sport and entertainment, by promoting a vegan lifestyle.

Local farmer Peter Hodges achieved national renown by setting up SPEW: “The Parkville and Scone Environmental Watch” Committee. The main aim of the organisation was to seek assurances that the Kingdon Ponds Catchment which supplies fresh drinking water to Parkville and Scone was not contaminated by piggery effluent. Peter achieved his objectives. The piggery has gone!