Scone Triumphant in Trump’s Florida Heart Land

Scone Triumphant in Trump’s Florida Heart Land


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2023 USPA Gold Cup Champions: Scone – Tomas Panelo, Poroto Cambiaso, Cody Ellis, David Paradice, David ‘Pelon’ Stirling. Presented by USPA Chairman Stewart Armstrong.

While ex-President Donald Trump has been having a difficult time recently at his Florida home ‘Mar-a-Lago’ Scone local David Paradice has been making merry at USPA ‘Gauntlet of Polo’ nearby. This adds further cachet to his earlier victory in the Gold Cup at Windsor Great Park in the presence of QE II. David is very firmly promoting the name Scone on the global Polo map. Nominative determinism? Videos of the on-field action reminded me of the movie ‘Pretty Women’ with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts; especially Julia Roberts! I wonder Donald trump didn’t think of that?

I was playing a few palliative hands of Contract Bridge with David’s nonagenarian mother Mrs Bobbie Paradice at our ‘Geraldton’ home while her third son (David) was strutting his stuff USA style. She made no mention of it. My response to her forcing bid of ‘2 no-trumps’ was paramount. I’ve just realised the exquisite piquancy of the TRUMP reference! Today (01/04/2023) an SMH journalist referred to the ‘inexplicable insanity’ of the Trump Dynasty. I think I also failed in my contract bridge retort. We ended up with an ‘impossible’ no-trump contract! David did rather better.

I don’t think I know the Cambiasos? Should I?